Hand-washing:  All barbers and customers will wash their hands before the start of each haircut. 

Increased airflow throughout the shop:  We have increased airflow in the shop to reduce any moisture droplets remaining in the air. 

​​Steps we are taking at the shop to keep everyone safe 

Social distancing within the shop:  All occupied barber chairs will have a min. of 6th of space between them.  

Disinfecting: All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with medical grade cleaner after each service. This includes chairs, stations and cutting equipment.  

Temperature checks:  Barbers will be required to check their temp. at the start of each day.  Starting May 16th, 2020, customers temp. will also be checked at the door before entering. 

Covid-19 Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment .

  • ​Masks : All barbers will be wearing N95 masks at all time. We encourage all customers to also wear some type of mask, but it's not required.  
  • Gloves: Gloves are not required to enter, but brand new gloves are required if you choose to wear some.  The new pair of gloves must not be put on until it's time for your service to begin.  Anyone arriving with their gloves on will be asked to remove them and leave them outside.

Capes: All capes will be washed after each customer and dried on high heat for 50 minutes.  

 Screening Questions:  

  • Do you have a cough today or within the last 14 days?
  • Do you have a fever today or within the last 14 days?
  • Have you been around anyone within the last 14 day showing the mentioned symptoms.
  • Have you been in quarantined within the last 14 days? If so, did you get a viral test to determine that no active covid-19 virus is present.    

Limiting the number of people in the shop:  The number of barbers cutting at one giving time will be limited to 5 or less.  All customers must wait outside until their barber is ready to begin the service.