About Our Shop

Piedmont Barbers has been in business for over 5 years and offers world-class cuts and shaves. We are known for our old-school barber shop vibe with a modern twist and classic shave and cut styling. Our staff went through extensive training and has mastered virtually every style. Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look, we're the barber shop for you!

What We Offer

Precision Haircut                                                                 $ 28.00
Every haircut is executed with precision and
style. We promise you'll walk out of here looking fresh.


Buzz Cut                                                                                $ 18.00
One level haircut with clippers.

Beard Trim                                                                             $ 18.00

Complete beard trim without a razor edging.


Detailed Beard Trim ( With Razor Edging )                         $ 28.00

Full beard trim with a razor edging on the beard.